Nic Fuzzell

我從2005年起就居住在亞洲,來台灣之前,我在中國大陸花了一年的時間教英語,同時學習中文及功夫。 我認為在ACES工作是個非常令人滿意的事業,並且幫助我成為一位更有影響力的教育者及更了解複雜的中華文化,我非常喜愛我現在做的事情,並且期待可以花更多精彩的日子在ACES。

I was raised in the Rocky Mountains in America’s wild northwest. I grew up hiking, camping, hunting, skiing, rock climbing, rafting and mountain biking. At the ripe age of 18, I attended the University of Idaho where I was a rock climbing coach and outdoor adventure guide. In my time there, I earned Bachelor’s degrees in Chinese and International Public Relations.
I’ve been living in Asia since 2005. I spent one year in Mainland China teaching English while studying Chinese and kung fu before making Taiwan my new home in 2006. Since that time, I’ve continued the same pursuits.
Working at ACES has been a very fulfilling career that has helped me to become a more effective educator and better understand the intricacies of Chinese culture. I greatly enjoy what I’m doing and look forward to spending many more enriching years here.


Dave Hann

大家好,我的名字是Dave,我來自加拿大新斯科細亞省。我從高中就開始在不同的領域教學,曾擔任球類教練,也在我就讀的國中擔任助教。我在St. Mary’s University 拿到商科及英文雙學位後,決定離開我在北美洲的舒適圈,而來到世界商業熱點的亞洲。我從2003開始就住在台灣了,在花蓮四年,在台北八年。我在台北學中文及教英文,同時在台灣科技大學拿到碩士學位,並攻讀博士學位。
我現在轉到ACES美語高雄分校。在教你們孩子正向的態度跟英文的同時,我也期待在高雄遇到新的挑戰和更多成長的機會。”Life is about making mistakes.” 成功的人從錯誤中學習並成長,而其他人只沈浸在錯誤中。我們一起成長吧!

Hi my name is Dave Hann and since high school I’ve been teaching in various capacities as both a youth sports coach and as a volunteer teacher’s aide at my old junior high school in Nova Scotia, Canada. After leaving St. Mary’s University, as a double graduate (B.Comm. in Global Business and a B.A. in English) I decided to leave my North American comfort zone and moved to Asia to continue my life in the business hotspot of the world. I have lived in Taiwan since 2003, four years in Hualien and eight years in Taipei, where I studied Chinese, did my Masters degree, as well as, studied my PhD while working at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology since arriving in Taipei. I am living in Kaohsiung now and looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow all the while teaching your children a positive attitude and English at the same time. Life is about making mistakes: successful people learn from them, while the rest just dwell on them. Let’s be successful together.

Teacher pics_KH-Justin

Justin Wilson

自2008年以來,作為在台灣生活和工作的老師,我經常被問到兩個問題:“為什麼要在台灣生活?” 和“為什麼選擇當英語老師?”

簡單地說,第一個問題的答案,是因為我喜歡戶外活動。 我一直對跑步、健行、攀岩、騎自行車和在海洋中游泳充滿熱情,而台灣提供了這些機會以及更多。 另外,台灣的文化非常有趣,台灣人也非常友善。 當我2008年初第一次到台灣時,我就知道自己找到了家。 更具體地說,我知道風景秀麗的高雄正是我想要安定下來的地方。

至於為什麼想當老師,我認為一個人的「終生職業」說明了這個人的個性中最鮮明的部分。在愛達荷大學就讀期間,我是兒童和成人的攀岩教練。完成動物學學士學位後,我去了秘魯的熱帶雨林,成了雨林嚮導,向熱切的旅人講解熱帶雨林的美麗。 後來,我的經歷領著我回到了美國,成為實驗室研究員。同樣地,我也在教學,但這次我是教新進員工複雜的實驗室技術。 我第一次教英語是在韓國的群山市。在那裡,我愛上了在教室裡和學生相處的感覺。 我真的很高興看到我的學生進步,也很喜歡幫助他們成功地提升英語能力。那時我意識到,成為一名英語老師確實是我的 「終生職業」。 我非常喜歡教書,更重要的是我喜歡幫助孩子們成功,所以我從密西根大學獲得了教育學碩士學位。

我在韓國待了大約四年,在那期間也聽到了很多關於台灣的好,所以我決定搬到這裡。 自2008年以來,我一直在高雄教英語。我非常重視ACES系統,因為它很嚴謹且注重語言學習的所有細節,而且我也喜歡能夠用中文更清楚地解釋困難的英文概念。 我期望能盡最大的努力,幫助您的孩子在學習英語的同時也順利快樂地成長!

As a teacher living and working in Taiwan since 2008, I have often been asked two questions: “Why do you want to live in Taiwan?” and “Why did you choose to be an English teacher?”

To answer the first question, simply put, I love the outdoors. I have been passionate about running, hiking, rock climbing, biking, and swimming in the ocean for most of my life. Taiwan offers all of those and more. There is also the added bonus that the culture is very interesting and Taiwanese people are so kind. When I first came to Taiwan at the start of 2008, I knew that I had found a home. More specifically, I knew that Kaohsiung with its beautiful scenery was exactly where I wanted to settle down.

As for wanting to be a teacher, I believe that people’s “life jobs” are truly a defining part of who they are. While I was studying at the University of Idaho, I had already started to teach in the form of being a rock-climbing instructor for children and adults. Once I completed my bachelor’s degree in Zoology, I went to the Peruvian rainforest to work as a nature guide, teaching the beauty of the rainforest to eager guests. Later, my path led me to work as a laboratory scientist back in America. Again, I was teaching, but this time I was teaching complicated lab techniques to new employees. My actual introduction to English teaching occurred in Gunsan, Korea. There I fell in love with being in a classroom and working with children. I really enjoyed seeing the progress my students made and helping them succeed as they worked through the difficult levels of English. I realized then that being an English teacher was truly my “life job”. Because I enjoy teaching so much, and more importantly helping children succeed, I got a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Michigan.

After about four years in Korea, and after hearing so many great things about Taiwan, I decided to move here. I’ve been teaching English in Kaohsiung since 2008. I value the ACES system for its strict attention to all the fine details of language learning, and I also like that I am able to use Chinese to better explain difficult concepts.  I look forward to doing my best to help your children progress smoothly and happily while learning English!
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Joshua Kinkle




身為多國語言學習者,我有很多第一手的學習經驗與知識可以分享,幫助你的孩子學英文。ACES 美語是一個很有效率的美語學校,我很驕傲成為ACES 的老師,也期待成為你孩子的老師!

I was born and raised in Ohio, the American Midwest. From a young age, I was very interested in foreign languages and cultures. I wanted my life to be about more than just the cows and corn that are ubiquitous to the Midwestern United States. Shortly after graduating high school, I joined the United States Marine Corps, in order to serve my country and enable myself to travel the globe.

After my service, I moved to Tennessee, where I attended Middle Tennessee State University. Throughout my undergraduate studies I was an academic tutor, helping student athletes with their Spanish studies. That was when I really began to fall in love with teaching. In 2012, I studied abroad  at Hangzhou Normal University in China and began studying Chinese. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Asian Studies in 2014. For the remainder of that academic year, I was a substitute teacher at an elementary school in Florida, while I began preparing to return to Asia and begin my English teaching career.

I started out teaching in South Korea. I taught there for a year and enjoyed it, but I wasn’t happy with the cold winters of the Korean Peninsula. Next, I traveled south and landed in the Philippines. I became fluent in Filipino quickly and loved the tropical weather, however; the teaching opportunities were limited and forced me to shift to online classes. After a few years, I began to miss teaching in a traditional classroom and really connecting with students. I eventually decided to come to Taiwan to return to physical classrooms, utilize my linguistic abilities, and still enjoy tropical weather.

I came to Kaohsiung in February of 2020 and have been enjoying the Taiwanese culture and  weather very much. As a foreign language student myself, I possess the first hand experience and knowledge to help your child grow and learn English. ACES is a very efficient and effective school and I’m proud to be a part of it.